The various characters in SOAUSDSFP. 


Aimaiko Hasegawa-Moreno

Aimaiko's the main protagonist. Aimaiko is a Japanese-Mexican adult woman, despite her child-like look. At 18 y/o, she's a NEET, a very mysterious person, and rather violent. 

Voiced by Malou Laval.

Erika Aoyama

Erika is someone that Aimaiko approaches. She's also mysterious, and very rude. She is usually seen with her dad, the "Sentient Tablet Father", and her "friend" (of which she pretty much hates all the time), Scott.

Voiced by kozmvz.

Sentient Tablet Father (Jozai Aoyama)

Erika's father. He usually pops in and out of the story, usually to give important info. Other than that, he pretty much mooches off of people and causes chaos. He gives Aimaiko various errands, labelling it as one big "Quest".

Mini Meer Moor

Aimaiko's first companion for her set of errands. He is a small frog that really loves soda. He is best friends with Wally.

Voiced by Danny Aguero.


Scott is Erika's ""best friend"" (heavy quotations). He is usually always angry about something and can get upset very easily.

Voiced by Danny Aguero.

Wally the Wall

Aimaiko's second companion for her set of errands. He is a sentient wall who is incapable of speaking. He is best friends with Mini Meer Moor.


Oppai-chan is the main overarching antagonist. She is an obscene delinquent who is very powerful & ruthless, and has control over many people, including some of Aimaiko's "friends".

Danny Cross

Danny Cross is a robot and Oppai-chan's loyal servant. He is not evil in nature, but due to being associated with Oppai-chan, will do anything for her.


Choca Chocolate

Choca Chocolate is the leader of the Sweetie Army and one of Oppai-chan's highest contractors. She loves chocolate, if it wasn't obvious. She is the secondary antagonist for this arc.

Letsy Hier

Letsy is a stick girl who is very nerdy on some topics. She usually corrects people on incorrect information and gives helpful advice to others. Aimaiko and her have a special connection early on that gets explored later.

Voiced by 'kozmvz'.

Lulu (Lucretia Lenora Lastname)

Lulu is an upbeat but not very bright young adult. She likes to go on tangents about random things, but can occasionally give important information/wisdom.

Voiced by Calista Iman.


Lili is Lulu's sidekick. She likes to make witty remarks and always agrees to everything that Lulu says. She is immortal, so can easily sacrifice herself to just regenerate later.


Ultima is a young girl of unknown origin. She may seem cute, but is very intelligent. She typically bonds with Aimaiko the most.

Voiced by hapyr.


Aimaiko Hasegawa-Moreno

Aimaiko's the main protagonist. Now pursuing her education in college, She's a nice person, though she can be mysterious sometimes. 


Yuichi is Aimaiko's roommate. He is usually chill, though he can become angry from annoying people. He's best friends with Brad.

Voiced by Mr Magnificent.


Brad is Yuichi & Aimaiko's Friend. He is an aspiring animator who always tries to perfect everything. He is friendly and cares a lot for his friends.

Voiced by 'AizentheDevil'.


Erika Aoyama

Erika has taken over leadership over the group ever since Aimaiko's departure, and has been much more strict.


Emeraldia is a new addition to the main group after Aimaiko's departure. She's very kind and understanding.


Ultima is typically a voice of reason, and during this arc usually gets into arguments with Erika.



Oppai-chan, now desperate to have her power back, goes to her old mentor who first laid the curse of being evil upon her. Eventually, she comes back to the top, and gains so much more. 


A seemingly evil girl who has the ability to transform into an anthropomorphic cat-like creature (pictured). Despite only appearing in this arc and being a minor role, she is the overarching background villain of this entire story, and many of her actions lead to long term consequences over time.

Unnamed Flower God

UFG is a deity that oversees the world in SOAUSDSFP, alongside two others. His job is to keep the world safe, though due to more powerful foes, it's becoming harder to do so. UFG is Liv's mentor.


Liv is Ultima's sister, who tragically passed. However, due to her potential, she was chosen by UFG for training. She's next in line to being the main deity to protect the world.

Voiced by kitana.

NOT THE END (and also the Lulu Show!)

Asumi Unmeimi

The curse is finally broken! With Atsu-chan out of the picture, The original "Asumi" as she was before her curse has been reincarinated. However, she'll soon quickly learn the consequences her past self put upon the world, and try to grow from those mistakes.

Voiced by Raiden.

Letsy Hier

Letsy in this arc is much more aware of her surroundings and rather more pessimistic.

Lulu (Lucretia Lenora Lastname)

Nothing has changed.... except that she has her super cool SPINOFF CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!




Lulu's roommate that lives in her attic. She's quet, stoic, serious, and rather annoyed from Lulu's anitcs. Despite this, she does care for Lulu.

Voiced by Puma.


Aimaiko Hasegawa-Moreno

Hey look Aimaiko's alive! Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament.

Letsy Hier

Hey look Letsy's not pissed anymore either! Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament.

Erika Aoyama

Hey look Erika's has a new hairstyle! Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament.


Hey look! We ran out of good Ultima renders so now we're using outlines! Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament.


Hey look! Liv decided to temporarily revive herself via the permission of UFG for this super cool peaceful Janken tournament AND to reunite with her sister! Isn't that so heartwarming?

Asumi Unmeimi

Something something the power of friendship something something Forgiveness something something Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament.

Lulu & Lili

Hey look! Literally nothing has changed about these two but it'd kinda feel weird to leave them out so here they are again! Just in time for this super cool peaceful Janken Torunament.

Gay Couple

Hey look! You didn't think we'd forget about them, right? Especially for this super cool peaceful Janken Tournament?

Juliette A Aimaiko Hasegawa-Moreno-Hier

Hey look! Aimaiko asexually produced an offspring and Letsy's the stepmom!

Juliette, like Aimaiko when she was young, is very mysterious and violent. She loves to bite people & eat dirt. 



Shuchiko is a powerful human-like being.