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*Blood/Violence Warning for Some Art.

Aimaiko Art

Aimaiko Reference (by Mari)

Younger Aimaiko Reference (by Mari)

Original Aimaiko Reference (by Mari)

Aimaiko w/ Soy (by Mari)

Aimaiko Smokes Weed #1 (by Mari)

Aimaiko Thumbs Up (by Mari)

Grown Up Aimaiko Strikes a Pose (by Mari)

Aimaiko Doodle (by Mari)

Aimaiko in her 40's (by Mari)

Aimaiko Plush (by Danny)

So Vintage! (by Danny)

Return of the Rentals Parody (by Danny)

Aimaiko Flips You Off (by Danny)

Emo Aimaiko (by Danny)

Aimaiko Gives you the L (by Danny)

Aimaiko LOVES Cherry Pepsi! (by Danny)

Defenestration (Chapter 2 WIP) (by Danny)

Aimaiko in the Kitchen (by Danny)

Aimaiko Thumbs Up (by Danny)

Aimaiko Base (by Danny)

lesbian.png (by Danny)

Please Sir, May I have Another? (No) (by Danny)

Mhm! (by Danny)

Aimaiko Promotional Art (by Danny)

Grown Up Aimaiko Turnaround (by Danny)

Letsy Art

Letsy reference (by Susan)

Letsy Peace Sign (by Susan)

Letsy Peace Sign (AGAIN) (by Susan)

Letsy in various costumes. (by Susan)

a take on Letsy (by Mari)

My Life is Like A Video Game! (by Susan)

Disappointed Letsy. (by Danny)

Hi its me letsy. (by Danny)

Inverted Letsy. (by Danny)

Erika Art

Erika Reference (by Kara)


a take on Erika (by Mari)

SOAUSDSFP Wallpaper (by Kara)

Outfit (by Kara)

Stewie Erika (by Kara)

Super Slice of Life Friends (by Kara)

Babysitting (by Kara)

Erika will WIN (by Danny)

Adult AU Erika Christmas Card (by Kara)

Ultima & Liv Art

Ultima Reference (by Tyler)

Another Ultima Reference (by Danny)

Lineless Ultima (by Tyler)

Ultima Valentines Day (by Tyler)

Original Blessed Ultima Concept (by Danny)

Blessed Ultima (by Tyler)

Liv Reference (by Tyler)

Blessed Ultima & Liv (by Danny)

Lean Ultima (by Danny)

Professor Ultima (by Danny)

Ultima wakes up to find Aimaiko's lifeless body (by Tyler)

Turkey & a Rat (Creator's Name Withheld)

Joke/Shitpost Art


(by Danny)

Aimaiko Minestrone (TRY SOME!) (by Danny)

Special Eyes (by Danny)

Steel Aimaiko (by Danny)

CRIME OF THE CENTURY - WHO DID IT??!??!??!? (by Danny)

...No. (by Danny)

Evil SOAUSDSFP (by Danny)

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